Pranic Healing Melbourne

Scientists confirm the presence of an energy field that encircles the human body and sustains it with life force, or Prana. Prana comes from the Sanskrit word meaning life-force, breath of life and is acknowledged as chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese, and Holy Spirit in Christianity.

All human beings have an energy field which is influenced by our lifestyle. When our energy field becomes effected and impaired it results in physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

The basis of Pranic healing is that the body has the inherent capacity to repair itself and that Pranic healing delivers equilibrium to the disturbances of the energy field.  

Grand master Choa Kok Sui was the forebearer of Pranic Healing and the originator of Arhatic Yoga.

Pranic Healing is a no contact energy system consisting of cleansing and energising. Cleansing, moving the adverse energy can be described similar to one having a shower to remove the dirt off one’s body. The difference is in Pranic healing we are washing away or expelling the disperse energy from the energy field. 

Energising, renewing the energy field can be described as charging a flat battery and infusing it with fresh life force or Prana. Pranic healing techniques cleanse, energise, revitalizing the energy field bringing it back to equilibrium. The techniques are safe non-toxic and effective.

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace existing medical treatments.

Pranic Healing with Medicine

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