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Would you like to feel vibrant? Be full of energy, feeling happy and calm, sleeping soundly, look fresh and renewed and be pain free? Would you like to feel and look good at your best weight? If you said yes to any or all of the above, then Kathy is the naturopath who can help you.

“Kathy’s aim is to educate clients towards self – responsibility for their healthcare maintenance. Her mission is to make you healthy, well and empowering you to look after your greatest gift – your health. These are the the tools that permit you to go about the process of living your life to the fullest.” 


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Weight lost

Weight loss

Kathy is a naturopath with a difference. She is Australia’s Certified Body Type Practitioner who addresses Weight and Nutrition using the Body Type System. Once you know Your Body Type, Weight Loss is achievable

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Nuturing treat


What makes ​iridology​ an important part of preventative medicine. It will show you how to work with your body and improve your greatest gift… your health!

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Pain relief

Pain relief

Kathy understands and addresses your pain on both a naturopathic and a physical level. As a Dorn Spinal Therapist and Low Level Laser Light Therapist, she can focus on the cause of your problem not just the symptoms

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Natural fertility

Natural fertility

Naturopathic medicine is based around the philosophy of working with your natural body reactions and cycles to help you and your babies health, starting from ovulation to the end of the pregnancy.

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Anti ageing

Anti ageing

If you’re concerned about the signs of aging it’s time to bounce back! It’s not too late to win back your confidence and to dress a little more daring. Get ready to go out fresh faced and laughing. It’s time to smile the way you used to.

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Naturopathy WellBeing Iridology


As your health facilitator and coach, Kathy will advise you which of her therapeutic practices will best address your condition.

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About us

About us

With 18 years of experience as a naturopath, Kathleen Penev ND (known as Kathy by her clients), understands the importance of well-being. At both her Mordialloc and Mooroolbark clinics, Kathy offers a wide range of therapeutic modalities, all aimed at improving her client’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. Kathy finds inspiration from a wide range of cultural influences and philosophies, which complement her approach to your health and well-being.

There’s no need to feel alone or unassisted, as Kathy will help you every step of the way.


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Our team

Meet our proffesionals

Kathy Penev

Kathy Penev


Kathy Penev ND understands well-being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. With 18 years of experience in Naturopathy, a certified Body Type Practitioner, a trained Dorn Therapist and Low Level Laser Light Therapist, she is amply qualified to help you address your health concerns through a wide range of therapeutic modalities, offered at both her Mordialloc and Mooroolbark clinics.

Sharon Batchelor


Sharon is a friendly face at Healthwise Mordialloc on Tuesdays and Thursday who will welcome clients into our clinic.

Cynthia Borg

Lou Toshevsa

Customer service

Lou is the smiley face you will see on Saturdays as you walk through the door. She comes to Healthwise with a retail and hospitality background and has a high level of computer literacy.



Our Clinics

Our clinics

Mooroolbark clinic

9 Classic Drive. Mooroolbark, Victoria

Mordialloc clinic

Suite 3, 481 Main Street. Mordialloc, Victoria


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Excitement is running pretty high at my natural therapies clinic. I recently won the I Love Herbs Competition. The Herbal Extracts Company of Australia, which provides the highest quality practitioner-only herbal medicines, ran this inaugural competition to uncover […]

Are you in pain?

Are you in pain? Kathleen understands and addresses your pain on both a naturopathic and a physical level. As a Dorn Spinal Therapist and Low Level Laser Light Therapist, she can focus on the cause of your problem […]


Iridology is an analysing tool that examines your overall health, assisting to establish what is occurring inside your body. Your iris is like your own individualised map of your body.  As the saying goes, the eyes don’t lie!  […]

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Australian Business Quality Awards

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What is the best way to lose weight?

What is the best way to lose weight? The best way to lose weight is to KNOW your Body Type. This is the KEY to healthy, successfully weight loss. People are different and no one diet is right for […]