Stress Management

At Healthwise Natural Therapies, Kathy provides natural stress management strategies in her naturopathic clinic. Natural solutions to help you cope in your day to day life. 

Stress can emanate in many ways. Sleep disturbances emotional and physical depletion, irritability, muscle pain, poor immunity, addictions, poor appetite, palpitations, headaches, fatigue and the inability to concentrate.

Stress has a debilitating effect on you mentally, emotionally and physically. It results in the release of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Long term exposure to increased amounts of these hormones results in problems to the nervous system and strain on body organs such as the heart, the immune system and the adrenals.

This is where Kathy comes in. Take the time with Kathy and explore a wellness plan, that you can implement into your day to day life.

We all know that prioritising your health and wellbeing is essential, that’s why Kathy offers a range of therapies tailoring a plan that suits you and your individual needs.

Healthwise Natural Therapies operates out of Melbourne in the Mooroolbark and Mordialloc clinics. Please visit here to contact the clinics via phone or email to book your consultation.