Integrative Pathology Services

Healthwise Natural Therapies offers a wide range of pathology testing, all aimed at improving our client’s health. As Naturopathy aims to treat the cause of your health concerns, Kathy will advise you which of the tests / and or a combination of tests will best address your condition, assisting you to investigate the underlying cause of the imbalance. At Healthwise we believe your HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST GIFT therefore we strive to achieve the most optimal results in regards to our client’s health.

Nutripath Integrative Pathology services provide us with an effective and comprehensive range of functional pathology testing to suit each of our client’s individual needs.
Some of the health conditions/or goals the tests investigate include:
• Gut Health
• Hormone Health
• Food Intolerance and Sensitivities
• Metabolic & Cardiovascular Health
• Nutritional Testing
• Genetic Testing
• Mental Health

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