Are you trying to conceive naturally?
Have you been trying for a year or more without success?
First, second, or further attempts at IVF unsuccessful?

Have you ever considered Natural Fertility Care?
Healthwise Natural Fertility can assist you to enhance your chances of conception naturally and safely, by complementing your needs, whether it may be conceiving naturally or while you’re on the IVF program.

Kathy Penev understands the challenges of fertility on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and specialises in supporting you on your journey. There’s no need to feel alone or unassisted, as Kathy will help you every step of the way.
As a Naturopath and a mother of two older boys, she knows and relates to your feelings, anguish and frustrations of infertility first hand. She has had two miscarriages, before successfully falling pregnant with her first son. Then at 19 weeks pregnant being rushed to hospital, to discover she had dilated 5cm due to an incompetent cervix.
Although she had a four month stay in hospital, and was not expected to keep her son, the greatest achievements was that she delivered a very healthy baby and went on to become a naturopath.

Kathy contributes her delivery of a healthy baby, to her natural fertility care which she began prior to conception. This incorporated a healthy and nutritious diet, with the inclusion of natural and herbal medicines taken on a daily basis while in hospital, during her pregnancy and breastfeeding.
She has always been passionate about her health and her journey with Naturopathy began in 1986, taking responsibility for her own health, applying the principles of good nutritional care, fitness and a healthy lifestyle into her life.

Kathy will identify a range of appropriate therapies and develop a treatment plan tailored to meet your individual needs as a couple. Healthwise Natural Fertility also supports men with fertility concerns.

Looking After Your Greatest Gift – Your Health