Is Natural Medicine and Alternative Medicine the same?

Is Natural Medicine and Alternative Medicine the same?


The answer is Yes, Natural Medicine and Alternative Medicine are the same.


Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is a healing method which is based upon the use of medicines that are produced by or extracted from nature. Babylon 10 Dictionary


Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine is a general term is a general term for any form of healthcare (diet, exercise, herbs, hydrotherapy, etc.) that depends on the body’s natural healing powers. Cambridge Dictionary


Kathleen Penev is a Practitioner of Natural Medicine who has 13 years experience in the field of alternative and natural medicine. Kathleen created Health Wise Naturopathic Clinics to provide a range of holistic therapies tailored to the needs of the individual client. Her aim is to educate clients towards self – responsibility for their healthcare maintenance.Combined with safe, natural healing methods designed to restore and maintain your health.

Natural Medicine treats the whole person. Kathleen and you, together, will evaluate the history of your current health, taking into account 4 other factors: Lifestyle, Diet, Emotional Status and Skeletal  System.

Naturopathy, Iridology, Western Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Massage, Low Level Laser Light Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Flower Essences, the Body Type System, Pranic Healing, Stress Management and Counselling form the basis of her alternative medicines that she employs in her natural medicine clinics in Mooroolbark and Mordialloc.

As Naturopathy is a system of alternative medicine which aims to treat the cause of your health concerns, Kathleen’s initial consultation will centre on treatment for relief of symptoms but also address the underlying cause of the imbalance.  

Western Herbal Medicines are natural medicines that are made from healing plants which possess therapeutic and medicinal benefits for the whole body. They are given in either liquid or tablet form to promote, repair and restore your health, as well as to prevent illness.

Homeopathic Medicines are natural medicines that are safe, non-toxic and non-invasive.  They are non-addictive and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines.

Vitamin supplementation and all of the above form an important and vital part of Kathleen’s alternative medicine treatment plan. Your body will gain the correct nutrients it needs, to repair and heal.  This requires a proper, healthy and nutritious diet with the inclusion of natural medicines taken on a daily basis. The part you play will influence the end result.The result is health and vitality.

Iris analysis, which includes ‘Constitutional Iridology’ (inherited influences), will also be part of your treatment plan. This plan will take into account dietary and nutritional recommendations appropriate to your lifestyle and individual needs.

Iridology is an important part of natural medicine as it centres on prevention and allows you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your body. It will show you how to work with your body and improve your greatest gift… your health!

The healing power of touch has a profound therapeutic effect on your emotional and physical state, and overall wellbeing. Relaxation massage, Low Level Laser Light Therapy, Magnetic Therapy and Dorn Spinal Therapy make up an essential part of Kathleen’s alternative medicine and natural medicine treatment plan.