Iridology is an analysing tool that examines your overall health, assisting to establish what is occurring inside your body. Your iris is like your own individualised map of your body.  As the saying goes, the eyes don’t lie! 

Using a computerised iridology camera, Kathleen can observe the colour, shapes, patterns, spots, marks, structures, dis-colourations and the characteristics of the fibres in your eye to determine and assess your health status and body constitution.

These observations are matched up to an iridology chart, made up of zones which are representations of different parts and systems of the body.

Kathleen will discuss your constitutional iridology, your inherited, genetic makeup – in other words, the mould from which you were made. This is why iridology is an important part of preventative medicine as it allows you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your body. It will show you how to work with your body and improve your greatest gift… your health!


Why not book in for an Iridology consultation and find out your constitutional iridology.