Flower Remedies

Living Essence Consultation

Do you feel stuck? Don’t know which direction to take? Is there a dilemma or a negative belief pattern that is hindering you from fully enjoying your life? Are you emotionally and physically drained? Then consider a living essence consultation, a tool that may assist with clarity and focus, and further strengthen your purpose and ability to overcome obstacles in your life. Children and adults alike may benefit from a Flower Remedy session.

“So also when you look deeply into the heart of a flower you get a glimpse into the soul of the earth”

Rudolf Steiner

Flower Remedies are living essences extracted from flowers derived from the Australian bush. They work on your physical, spiritual and emotional ailments, restoring harmony and balance. Kathy will show you images of the Australian bush flowers and ask you, through colour, shape, feeling or attraction, to choose several wild flowers.

The resulting remedy, made from the essences of your chosen flowers, is consequently tailored to your individual needs